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Herrera Global Investment Group is your gateway to the world’s most coveted properties. We specialize in connecting discerning buyers and sellers of luxury real estate in prime locations across the globe.

Dreaming of sun-drenched villas overlooking azure waters, or sleek city penthouses perched above the glittering skyline? At Herrera Global Investment Group, we turn your luxury property aspirations into reality. We’re your trusted guide, seamlessly connecting discerning buyers and sellers of exceptional properties around the globe.

Whether you’re a proud owner seeking discreet expertise and global reach for your exceptional property, or a discerning buyer yearning for that perfect dream estate, we have the keys you need.

Our Mission

Our commitment goes beyond exceptional service. We set the standard for excellence, exceeding expectations and fostering lasting relationships built on trust and mutual success. For us, it’s not just about closing deals; it’s about helping you unlock the doors to a world of possibilities, where owning extraordinary properties is the beginning of a truly extraordinary life.

For sellers, we are your bridge to the perfect buyer, discreetly showcasing your exceptional property to a curated audience and securing the best possible outcome. For buyers, we become your trusted advisors, transforming your vision into a tangible reality.

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Global Master Broker & Advisor : JJ Herrera

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We always like to say here at Herrera Global Investment Group! we never heard of anyone do legitimate business without sitting down in person and reading a contract and shaking hands afterwards, no matter how it goes!
When it comes to real deed, tangible property that’s our Business!

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